Prior to your visit please brush and floss normally with extra attention given to the area where surgery is to be performed. If you are taking any aspirin or related non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aleve, Advil, Motrin or Ibuprofen, please understand these drugs can occasionally prolong bleeding in an oral surgery setting. If you are taking daily low dose aspirin for cardiac reasons please do not stop. Bleeding is usually control at the surgical site with relative ease.

If you are taking anticoagulant medications such as Coumadin, Plavix, Pradaxa, Xarelto or Eliquis please inform the staff at the time you make your appointment. If you have forgotten to inform us when making the appointment please inform a staff member when you arrive at the office. Most patients will be allowed to continue their Coumadin or Plavix at the time of treatment. The New Oral Anticoagulant Medications often times are managed differently. These are Pradaxa, Xarelto and Eliquis.

If general anesthesia or sedation is planned you may not have anything by mouth for 8 hours prior to surgery. This includes water, tea or black coffee. You must have an empty stomach free of solids and fluids. Please have a responsible driver to stay in the office while having the procedure performed. They will be brought back to the recovery area for a short period of time to assist in your recovery and then you will be discharge to them for a safe return home. Multiple extractions and lengthy procedures under local anesthesia do not require a driver to take you home but often times it is nice to have someone available.

If you require premedication for heart problems or recent joint replacement please remember to take these antibiotics one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. These medications are usually prescribed by the cardiologist, internist or orthopedic surgeon if you are a new patient to practice. Established patients may request antibiotic premedication from Dr. Garden.

Administratively, online registration expedites your office visit. Please go to our website and preregister if possible at Please remember to bring a valid ID and current insurance card if insured. The staff will make every attempt to confirm insurance while at the office. Keep in mind confirmation is not a guarantee from your insurance company. When insurance will be submitted the office will request a form of guarantee of payment such as a credit card authorization. Minor children receiving surgery that day will require a parent or legal guardian to be present and sign the consent for surgery. The legal guardian must have proper documentation. No exceptions will be made when treating minor children.

If you have any questions regarding your treatment please contact our office. We look forward to providing as comfortable a treatment experience as possible when you visit our office.